Monday, October 18, 2010

Practicing Photograpy Skills

OK-so maybe 'skills' is stretching it right now! ;)

LOL I am reading an AMAZING book and tried to work with light. I used compostion rules as well for this photo of the baby. I LOVE it!

This was the side lighting photo of my oldest. There's a bit too much shadowing on his face but he's still such a handsome subject it makes up for it ;) I told him this pose was for Deanna-the girl that thinks he's cute (but not CUTE cute like a baby, cute like HOT; he told me! LOL)

I like this picture of my middle son Hollan becuase it captures him so perfectly. He's quirky and a bit onery just as it shows!

Aubrey is our only daughter-and quite the DIVA! Can you tell?! She was more than happy to pose and be photographed for her MAMMRAZZI! Such a pretty girl-we're looking forward to her having all of her teeth again! LOL
My beautiful little blessings co-operated nicely and we enjoyed a mommy day, including pictures. We went to Portrait Innovations for a group shot too. I didn't care much for the photographer we had this time but enjoy pictures no matter what!

There's an awesome place in Wichita, Kansas that RENTS out studio space at very reasonable rates, with props, so that us MAMMARAZZI can hun our

photography skills in a studio! LOVE the concept and hope he goes national. If you're in the area, call Studios Unlimited and challenge yourself!


  1. Do you mind sharing the name of the book? I could use some help in this area too

  2. The book is called, 'Expressions' and is specifically for photos related to documenting memories and scrapbooking! YAY! It is by far the best I've had the chance to explore.


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