Monday, November 1, 2010


Yes, I know today is November 1st, but I want to share my 1st Cricut Swarm, held this past Saturday, October 30th! It was Halloween themed, including a Witch's Hat contest! This photo shows my inspiration and prize display. I shared several of the swaps I received f4rom the Utah Swarm!

Look at this gorgeous Cricut Line-up! I am the proud owner of the first F-I-V-E machines here! :D

The participants of the Witch's Hat contest, with their creations. They all did an AMAZING job. Elizabeth, the owner of Scraps Galore, was our judge with her daughter-in-law Erin. The 'sewing hat' won, with an honorable mention given here to Misty Littlejohn who spent countless Cricut hours on her hat. I am there in the front on the right, I participated-but not in the contest ;)

MY FAVORITE PART! I was only familiar with a few of the 15 women I had join me! YAY! I just LOVE the people. Sharing creativity and inspiration is what it's all about! THANK YOU to each lady who made this Swarm the success it was!

I intend to host these fun, themed Swarms each quarter, with the next to be at the end of January. If you are near to the Albuquerque area I hope you'll consider joining us! MWAH!

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