This SAHM (Scrap-at-home-mama)

Hey there!  If you're reading this-you've taken some time out of YOUR day to share in a bit of my life-and I'm honored!  I'm married to my best friend and we re-loacted from southeast Kansas to the Albuquerque/Santa Fe area years 9 ago.  We have 5 BEAUTIFUL children (3 boys and 2 girls). 

I teach and work at the local scrapbook store, Scraps Galore.  I also host classes in my home and design with Stampin’ Up! 

I own my own business, Flair and Frills, where I provide 'Frills' at events-such as massage and pedicures! 

I LOVE LOVE and all of the opportunities the Great Lord has given us!  It is my hope to be able to inspire you and grow in this delightful industry.  Thank you for sharing this amazing creative journey!
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