Wednesday, June 30, 2010

TWILIGHT Class with Blackletter

Debuting here first ladies and gentleman. This is my 2 page layout celebrating the Twilight phenomonon ! This will be a 'FeatureClass' ht I am offering through Scraps Galore! I used the 'Blackletter' Cricut Cartridge for the 1st time! It was perfect for this! scroll through the details below....

The sign on the paper was just itchin' for the title ;) (and it's straight in reality)

This is the first time I've had any simulation of BLOOD on a scrapbook page! LOL The paper clip is from 'Blackletter' too.

I couldn't resist using this phrase! LOL

This is from the die cuts that come with the line, adding the tulle that I love so much!

The fence is die cut paper that is also in the line. I added the bling.

These pages managed to escape without buttons. LOL-they just didn't fit the mood! They do have quite the vampire feel to them though. If you're interested in a kit, they're $22. Just let me know. The book covers (printed on photo-gloss paper) are included.
Do you have your tickets yet?! I'm joining the girls tonight for the 8pm showing. What a wat to spend a Birthday-huh?! Remember to take pictures to include on your layouts! Happy Twilighting! ~Brynn


  1. Happy Birthday, sweet layout. Love Twilight too :)

  2. Happy Birthday from another Twilight fan :o)

  3. Happy Birthday!! that is such a gorgeous layout!!

  4. This is beautiful! Happy Birthday, from your 100th follower.


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