Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So, today is my birthday....

Yep, it's another year gone by. This year, I'm truly blessed to even be here, having had the deathly experience I did giving birth to my fourth child in January.

Please help me reach my goal of reaching 100 followers here on my blog. Share me with your friends and add yourself! Everyone will be entered to win a Birthday gift from me-BLOG CANDY! I hope to inspire you creatively and other wise and would be honored to have the chance.

Blessings to you! ~Brynn

P.S. I'll be checking back for the results in about 3 hours (after going to see Eclipse with some girlfriends)! Let's go ladies!

Almost midnight-I'm extending my goal until morning. My Birthday's not technically over until I wake up again-right?! Almost there!!! All of you night owls-let me inspire you! You're all entered for the upcoming blog candy too!! ***********

P.S.S. The movie was excellent!!! Definately the best yet. Night (fingers crossed in morning anticipation)


  1. Once I saw your Twilight layout I became an instant follower! Did you enjoy the movie? Wasn't it the best of all 3?!?!? Ahhhhh I loved it!!!! Anyway, happy bday and I hope to see more Twilight themed or inspired projects :)

  2. The Twilight layout hooked me too! Happy birthday!!

  3. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you had a WONDERFUL one! :-)


I am honored to hear your words. Thank you friend!