Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cricut Lite

WOW! Cricut has released T-W-E-N-T-Y - F-I-V-E new cartridges. They are de-LITE-ful ;) Featuring 50 images each, these Cricut Lite catridges have shadows and layers but no other extras. They are a mix between the solutions and standard cartridges. $39.99 each, they will be carriedf at Wal-Mart stores, so we can add them into our groceries! LOL Most of them are MUST haves! I can't wait to begin adding them to my library!

Here's my research:

Splish Splash *Think water; beach & bath

B is for Boy *It's all about those little guys

Celebrate With Flourishes *All the holidays and a few more, ALL with flourishes!

Live Simply *Adorable-porcupines, mushrooms, frames and MORE!

Meow *All about the kitties

Dude *Skateboards and ALL tween boy

Billionare *Old fashioned gentleman, with a FONT

Feeling Groovy *A fun FONT

Cherry Limeade * A FONT and a few little extras, cherries, and summer!

Varsity *Just like those patches-a cool FONT

Carousel *Circus screaming with FUN and amusement

Sugar and Spice *TOO cute! B-A-B-Y

Live Simply *Delightful little critters and outdoors adorable ;)

Cupcake Wrappers * Really? These are fantastic and sure to impress your friends

Handy Man *For our masculine men

Lacy Labels *Victorian and pretty

Hoot N' Holler *O-W-L-S, super, with trees and accessories

Bloom *Lots of flowers growing

Savory *All about F-O-O-D. It's yummy ;)

Wildlife *Very outdoors serious

Block Party *Perfect for camping and BBQ

Lovely Floral *Various pretties, birds, flowers, words, and decorative shapes

Other cartridges not shown include:

-Baby *ALL about those new little bundles of joy

-Chore Chart *Perfect for helping us rear the children!

-Botanicals *Exotic floral

-Slumber Party *Teen girl sleep-over style fun

WHEW-this post has taken me hours! I hope you enjoy. I'd lbe honored if you would add me to your favorites and join my following! Happy Sunday ~Brynn


  1. Thanks for posting these. They all look great! I really love the outdoors one.

  2. Thanks for posting...its good to get a quick view to be able to make a decision...which do I need!

  3. Thanks for all your hard work. These look fun.

  4. Thanks for posting these, would love to see the back of the lacy labels box.

  5. Thanks for posting these. There are some really good ones! I hope our Wal-Mart will carry them.

  6. Cute stuff! Thanks for posting those!


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