Monday, June 7, 2010

(MORE) Cricut Lite!

Good Morning! I have locatedadditional Cricut Lite Information to add to my previous post. The Cricut Lite cartridges are exclusive to Wal-Mart. They are not technically released yet, so if your Wal-Mart is not currently carrying them, that is why.

This is the inside view of a cartridge. They are in a plastic case, similar to a VHS, with a snap in place for the cartridge itself. The inside sheet accordian foldsd out to show you how to layer the images.

Below are additional photos of the available cartridges, in addition to yesterdays post showcasing the majority of the others!

Slumber Party *Funky and fresh, teenage girl!

Sugar and Spice *(the actual images) The girl version of B is for Boy, lovely little gal things!

A special thank you to Cricut Community member "IAMBUBBLES" for the images to share.
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  1. Your posts has been very helpful!! Thank you!

  2. I have pics of the chore one. Although I did take them with my phone. I couldn't find your email to send them to you.


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