Friday, August 26, 2011

Great Grandma's Arms....

There is just something SO precious and PRICELESS about photos like these. The wisdom and love this woman has, paired with the fresh new life of an infant.

I recently bought three of the four newest Lost and Found collections from My Mind's Eye. My absolute favorite. of all time. ever! This layout was unusually easy using all of the premade accents and embellishments with beautiful paper to showcase too. They even have a crocheted trim with laced ribbon I just couldn't leave off!

This is my step-mothers mom, Mary, but a loving grandma none the less. She is one of the most extraordinary women I've met, LOVES sports, has a great sense of humor and the kindest heart around. I'm delighted to share her here with you in this creation!

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  1. precious!! I love taking pics with family members!


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