Sunday, November 7, 2010

Can you Imagine(isce) ?!

I was BESIDE MYSELF when I came home Saturday. I left a craft show early because I was sick but no amount of ill feeling could distract me from this box I found....

I had become friends with Lori Allred (fantastic top gal @ imaginisce) at the Utah Cricut Swarm and gave her a hair piece I had made that co-ordinated with her Cricut Green attire. After shared laughs and fun times, I knew my friendship with her would go beyond those 8 hours. She and the Imiaginisce girls were amazing! At some point she told me she's send one of their designer aprons becuse, "i rock." LOL Well, that was a few weeks ago and thus it was a 'drop everything in your hands and run to the box labeled imaginisce kind of moments!

IMAGINE my surprise to discover THIS.....

YEP, not just the apron, but all of these FABULOUS accessories to adorn it with! WOW. How unbelievably generous! SERIOUSLY! What a blessing and boy did it make me feel better!

Ironically, I had just purchased a few of their yummy products to create a project to surprise HER with! Mine probably won't provide the screams of delight that hers did, but I hope she enjoy it none the less.

With sincere, humbled thanks to her and our dear Lord for the amazing blessings, B.


  1. Wow Brynn - Hope you feel better and enjoy your goodies!!!

    Blessings, Jenny

  2. Crafty friends are the best friends!

  3. What an awesome surprise to come home to, and who doesn't like a good surprise?!!! I need to get myself an i-Rock since I hear so many great things about them :)


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