Monday, August 2, 2010

Quick Quotes Class

This is my Quick Quotes class for July. It went over VERY well. I ended up with an extra kit though, it's yours if you're the first to e-mail me claiming it for $25 (with shipping)! Gorgeous 'Paint It Black' paperline with the mirror/silver paper and a bunch of embellishing. Versatile too ;)

Page 1: Nothing is worth more than this day. Fun ribbon ruffling ad lots of inking of course!

Page 2: Chipboard peices add extra umph acrros the ribbon line, with plenty of room for more photos and journaling.

BONUS project: All of the suplles to make this card were also included. We always have a bonus project and GIVEAWAYS, courteous of Q.Q. themselves!

It was super fun and I'm meeting some great ladies that participate. August's class is a flip-flop album and it's already half filled! YAY! It may sell-out! I am still humbled that anyone makes me a part of their album by including my work there with their treasured memories! What an honor.
*Although the official announcement has been made in regard to my GARGANTUAN secreat-the professional photographers have yet to take the official photos for me to share along with the reveal. A hint: I am Cricut Circle member #2347 :)
Blessings ~ Brynn


  1. Great Layout and a Huge Congrats on the WIN!!! How Fun!

  2. i know your secret!!! LOL I wont spill the beans though :-P


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