Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Secret....I need your help!

I wanted to find a photo to share, but you know CREATIVE ESCAPE is a trademark! Yep-I'm going!!!! I am a guest of Provo Craft, having won a card contest recently. Their photographers are taking the official shots of my card and I will share them with you all as soon as I can.

A week after the announcement, my extreme excitement is currently overshadowed! What could possibly cause this, you might ask? BRINGING A FRIEND! Yep. The guest pass. My guest will enjoy all of the same great things that I do, with an all inclusive package. The problem lies in the fact that I have 3 best friends I create with, 2 of whom I am especially close, PLUS my mom (that has never scrapbooked but wants to go)! What is a girl to do?! PRAY. That's exactly what I did too. I received an answer, E.S., a girl I have scrapped with but never really hung out with-but that was the answer and it is my duty to obey. It was all set, the others we're let down, and I could try to forge ahead. HALT-E.S. called yesterday to say that she WOULD NOT BE GOING! Other circumstances are preventing her and she thankfully declined. Now, I'm back to square one. Here's the thing:

Friend A (I will NOT say #1,2 etc.) LOL is going through a divorce and her life circumstances would not render it possible to extend the invite.

Friend B always calls to check on me, picks up little things when she thinks of me, helps watch my kids whenever possible, inspires ideas for bettering projects, stops by to just hang out whenever she can and her husband and mine good friends.

Friend C is fun-loving and there for me in tight situations. We have 'worked' together in the past through CTMH and vendoring at Scrap events. She insisted I go with her to meet Patsy Gaut (owner of Quick Quotes). She has great ideas and techniques and is very business minded.

Friend d has panic attics and does not travel well so there's no way! LOL

Mom: has never scrapbooked but would like to start. Her favorite color is Teal (the C.E. color). Her body betrays her quite frequently but she asked to be E.S.'s back-up. And, she's MOM!

Both friend's B & C love my kids and me there's. Our families are friends and I LOVE them with all of my heart as the cherished friends they are. Friend C is looking at this as business and wants to share the opportunity's with me as we have in 'business' before, she was very hurt to not be chosen hands-down. They are both absolutely dear to me and this is BREAKING MY HEART. Seriously-TEARING ME UP!

At a time when I should be over joyed with the happiness this brings, I am distraught in what this means for my friendships. Granted, they will both remain friends with me, but it is bound to change things. I have literally shed tears over this and now I'm asking you. What would YOU do?! How do you choose between those you love?! Please share your thoughts with me.

Blessings, B.

P.S. Did I mention how AMAZING this is?! I still cannot believe that I won! ME! WOW. I have always wanted to go and now-it's as a GUEST OF PROVO CRAFT. P-R-O-V-O C-R-A-F-T! Thank you our sweet Lord. Thank you.

Oh-and I am so grateful for your time and advise that I will reward 1 random follower with a fun summer flip-flop kit from Quick Quotes!


  1. I say put the friends and moms name in a hat and pick one. Your going to wreck the trip by stressing over this. Or you could take me!Ha! Congratulations! Shari (cricutrookie)

  2. Hey Brynn My suggestion is get everyone together and put their names in a hat. Shake it around and let someone pull a tag out. Then everyone sees it is totally random and not intended to hurt anyone.

  3. I too like the random pick idea...and I am so glad it wasn't me in that predicament. I was going to pick someone from the circle to go with me if I had won, hahahaha... but it wasn't an issue. MOST OF ALL, HAVE A GREAT TIME!!

  4. I have thought of randomly choosing. I think that is what is will come down to. I also thought of choosing a follower here, but untimately-I would have no idea of their personality and wouldn't want to bring someone who could potentially embarass me of be CR@ZY! LOL

  5. First and foremost congratulations to you, How wonderful that you won and get to go. No matter your decision I hope you have an AWESOME TIME and share your adventure. My advise is take Mom, it is always good to get someone started in scrapping and who better than your Mother. Just my 2 cents worth. Hope you have lots and lots of fun no matter who you take and am sure everyone will wish you only the very best. I sure do!

  6. Oh my dear, so sorry this has turned out to be such a tough decision for you. First let me say congrats to you! You certainly are quite the talent and this prize is well deserved. How about you turn it into a game? Kinda like the hide and seek children's game. Make up a guest pass and then hide it, give clues, an let the best huntress win! Fair and square, they do the deciding, letting you off the hook! Good luck and let us know how it all turns out. If all else fails, I would be happy to be your travel buddy! ;)

  7. Well first of all Congrats again to you! I was thinking the name in a hat thing too would be totally fair as long as they were all there and seen you pick out the name. But then I was thinking, if Mom wants to start to scrap then she would be the best person to take. You probably all ready share things and know how each other are to be around 24/7 (lodging accomodations) are completely honest with each other and ALWAYS there for each other and Mom will still respect and Love you now matter who you take. If the other's get hurt and upset with you then maybe they weren't the friends you thought they were but MOM will ALWAYS be there for you, but the only way to make it fair would be to do the name in a hat if you decide to not take Mom. JMHO
    Good Luck with it and just go and enjoy yourself, what an Honor! How fun it that going to be!
    Froggie ((Hugs)) Theresa

  8. Well congrats to you! CE is an wonderful experience. From what you describe...I would pick friend B. Someone who is that good to you deserves this treat IMO. I have beent to CE...and while I know you would want to take your MOM, she would be frustrated with the level of classes plus it would take a little of the fun away from you and slow you down the in the classes. Take her to a LSS or crop and teach her to scrap there...CE is not the place to take a newbie in my opinion! Things are fast paced in the classes. Good luck!

    And if everyone can't go, I am an available and experienced CE guide :) LOL

  9. Congratulations to you!!! So sorry this has become so hard for you, I agree with what others have said I think you should do a random pick.

  10. It's settled ladies. Friend C is planning to go. I made it official last night. AND E.S. called this morning to say that she's worked everything out and could go herself! AHHHHH! She's now in the runner up position ;) Thanks for all of your advise blog friends! MWAH


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