Saturday, July 3, 2010


DRUM ROLL PLEASE.....the winner of my Happy Birthday Blog Candy is.....!! Please e-mail me your contact info. and I'll get this sent to you!!!

I must say-I'm glad the winner was chosen randomly because I really did want each of you to win! Thank you so very much, from the bottom of my heart, for participating and believing in me enough to become followers! I am truly honored and even surpassed my goal by 25%!

That being said-there were 4 of you that really took initiative and posted my info through your own blogs. A very special thank you to: Goatesgirl, Julie, Deb and Paperscissors. I would like to also send a gift to you! Please e-mail me your contact info. and I'll get yours sent as well.

Wait-I'm not done.....Carrie, Wende, Jana and Shari each shared this blog with some of their friends. E-mail me YOUR contact info. so that I may send you a little something too!

As you can all see-I meant it. I would love for ALL of you to win. And, while I'm not able to send each of you something, I can send you a very large THANK YOU and a cyber hug {XOXO} for your kind words. They touched my heart and I'm grateful. As you can also see, I'm full of surprises and I just LOVE giving things away! So-don't be surprised if YOU are randomly chosen as a recipient of Blog Candy you weren't even aware existed. It will be based on your comments and thoughtfulness to share my blog, so keep them coming!

Creative blessings ladies ~Brynn


  1. Thank you so much Brynn for the extra offerings to your many fans and congratulations to Chatterscene on the lovely win. (I have emailed my info to you - hope you receive it!)
    Deb xoxo

  2. Brynn, Congratulations on all your new followers! Congratulations to chatterscene. I don't know where to find your e-mail address, thanks so much for the extra gifts. Shari (cricutrookie)

  3. Sorry-I thought it was easier. :)

  4. Never did receive the 'thank you' gift.....Oh well..........


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