Monday, June 14, 2010


Imagine my surprise to find that I have been chosen for the Cricut Circle as a CHARTER member!! Based on my registration and Cricut Rewards Points, the following offer was sent to my e-mail:

What Exactly is the Cricut Circle?

The CRICUT CIRCLE™ by Provo Craft is a select community of Cricut® enthusiasts. Cricut owners are the most creative, passionate, social, and fun-loving people on the planet. The Cricut Circle is our way to celebrate your enthusiasm (and ours!) for Cricut! The shape of the circle signifies inclusion, unity, kinship (think King Arthur and the round table). The goal of The Cricut Circle from Provo Craft is designed to bring this community of amazing people together to learn, share, and grow The Circle love!

What does life look like inside the Cricut Circle?

*Four exclusive cartridges a year, one each quarter, (starting with French Manor) ONLY available to The Cricut Circle members
*Special buying privileges like rebates, monthly coupons, and opportunities to buy other exclusive products for your Cricut, from friends and partners of Provo Craft
*Extra reward points and special discounts
8A members-only bracelet with an exclusive Cricut Circle charm (get ready to be the envy of your friends)
*A special Cricut Circle Community will come together through an exclusive Cricut Circle forum on
*Inspiration and education from exclusive Cricut Circle webinars, swarms, meet-ups, and events
*A fun Cricut Circle blog and a monthly project-inspired online magazine to fill your mind with ideas galore

Charter members will have access to information and opportunities to become a part of the decision making process of future Cricut products by participating on research panels

Officially, the Cricut Circle Charter Membership launches June 2010, and YOU have been chosen to become a charter member of The Circle. We are extending this offer to the top 3% of our Cricut fans on Cricut Rewards and those who have registered their Provo Craft products

I am SO excited :) It is a great opportunity to delve into the Criut Community further. I am joining today and I hope you will join as soon as you can!

Creative blessings, Brynn


  1. I received the same email but my jaw dropped when I saw the price!

  2. That is quite steep, how3ever, if you consider the advantages and the community of chipers that we all so enjoy, you may find it worth your investment. So far I am ;)

  3. I got the same letter - I am on the fence - its quote pricy - so you think the 4 member only cartridges are included in the price? It reads like the first one is, but it doesn't mention if the others will be a "buy if you want it" or as part of your membership

  4. I got it too. Did you already join?


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