Thursday, November 10, 2011

Where'd the WINNER go?!

Seriously-I LOVE Blogger-but I despise it sometimes too. I am SO sorry that my post for the BAZZILL Bag WINNER did not post as scheduled before I took a few days from Blog land...... *sigh* The winner of the haul is DENISE B. and to make up for the trouble I've chosen an additional winner of some goodies-TRISTA! WOO HOO! Ladies, please e-mail me at flairandfrillscreativity@gmail{dot}com to claim your trick-or-treats! Thank you for your understanding-I'll watch more carefully ;) MWAH!


  1. Congrats to Denise and Trista! I know just how you feel about Blogger Brynn - it is driving me crazy lately!

  2. Congrats to Denise and Trista!
    Brynn, hun, it gets the better of us all sometimes! Hope all the bugs get worked out for ya!

  3. Congrats Denise and Trista!
    Blogger has been a real pain lately!
    Take care,

  4. Brynn, I sent you an email with my info. Thanks so much! So excited to win a prize!

  5. Congrats to the winners and no worries, lol, i think blogger maybe has a bug or something, ya think???? LOL
    lotsa luv

  6. Yay! Congrats to Denise and thank you Brynn for sending some goodies my way too! This is my first blog prize, and I'm honored that it's coming from you!

  7. Congrats to Denise! Thank you so much for sending some goodies my way too! This is my 1st blog prize and I'm honored it's coming from you, I just know it will be great! Thank you for sharing your kindness and creativity with the rest of us!


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