Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Doodle-y Do!

I'm seriously STALKING my e-mail....hoping for the amazing announcement that I've made a manufacturer Design Team again (The Doodlebug DT should be announced any day and it's been over a month since the American Crafts deadline-I'm pretty sure they saw me start buying all their stuff and don't want to announce I didn't make it for fear I may stop and sales will drop)!!!!! The suspense is UNREAL! I've been on the choosing side before-so I know how difficult it is. I know the industry is FLOODED with UBER talented women right now-I'm just hoping to somehow be one! *SIGH* Creative thoughts and praise going out to all of those who take the time to put themselves out there. It's vulnerable and anxious-but ohhh the reward if somehow they say YES!!!! MWAH

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  1. Have you heard anything yet??? Hope good news!


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