Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Home Decor: Canvas Wall Piece, Quick Quotes

I just had a class at Scraps Galore for this AMAZING Canvas Home Decor piece! It SOLD OUT! Everything is inked in 'Mocha Mama' and with the exception of the brads and buttons, EVERYTHING is from Quick Quotes. You know I'm a Q.Q. girl! :D

This is the upper right corner. LOADS of detail.

This is the bottom right corner. I'll likely swap out the photo with the pink, but I love her happy face and wanted to get photos in!

This is the bottom left corner. Ooops-I also added 1 Thicker, the T for Thornburgh!

Here the photo shows some of the dimension involved.

And once again-the FINAL MASTERPIECE! Do you love it?! Several others will have this great creation for display in their home as well. I LOVE scrapping my house! LOL


  1. I like all the layering. Good color combos too

  2. Beautiful canvas!! Love the colors. I definitely have to try the canvas:) Thanks for sharing you beautiful photos too:)

  3. Fabulous piece Brynn, you have a beautiful family :) By the way Thank you so much for my goodies that you, there were Awesome!!!


  4. I agree. Awesome canvas prints for home decor. Today, wall art in homes really needs to be more personalized.


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