Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Addiction!

It's sad but true:

-I wouldn't think TWICE to pay $20 for a new Cricut Cartridge, but to pay that for a SHIRT?! I prefer to purchase my shirts where I purchase my groceries! LOL

-I've never been a coupon clipper, but wouldn't even CONSIDER buying that new EK Success border punch without 40% off from Michaels!

-Often times I relate Cricut cartridges to regular needs/wants. i.e.: When recently considering adding a new chair to our home, my thought process is: Spend $200 on a new CHAIR?! That's 10 new Cricut cartridges! Let's check Goodwill for a $50 chair and I won't feel guilty getting a few more cartridges for my collection (this month)!

-I LOVE the new Quick Quotes paper: What can I co-ordinate for pictures to match?!

-Holiday?! Well-I LOVE PINK-and it IS a signature color for Valentine's Day. My Cuttlebug is GREEN-and 'Cuttlebug' is such a cute Valentine's word..... this equals me getting a new PINK CUTTLEBUG as my gift from my husband. Yep-a PINK Cuttlebug far surpasses a GREEN one. I'm pretty sure it will increase the quality of my embossing folders....

The saddest:

-When the doorbell rang this morning and I saw the coveted brown truck-I literally SCREAMED- FREAKIN Y-E-S! Making a mad dash to attack him for my TC Stampmaker I'm expecting....only to discover it was a STINKIN' package for my husband's WORK! I tossed it at him disappointedly-watching out the window for that beloved truck to turn around.....

P.S. I truly DO respect the struggles that addicts face. And; I truly do believe I am one! Scrappers anonymous members: share your stories in my comments. I'll choose a winner with the BEST (and by BEST I mean WORST) story to win some additions to your stash! CONTEST closes Sunday.

UPDATE 1/27/2011: I will just HAVE to choose MORE THAN 1 WINNER! I am LOVING reading the stories! Stash supplies to win will be FABULOUS, including the best manufacturers: Paper, rub-ons, clear alphabet stamp sets, embellishments, and more! If you leave me a note that you have passed this on and shared with your friends-I will send you a little something extra!!! 3 more days!!!


  1. lol so true! I would have done the same things. I don't really have any story just that I chose what I really want each month and make sure other things are take care of first

  2. LOL LOL LOL!! You crack me up!!!! Next time we need photos of you attacking the UPS man!! LOL! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. Hummm... Now do you mean the unique ways we get the goodies from the car to the scrap room without being detected? Winter is great as the coat is bigger... summer means you really have to think a bit. Gotta get a bigger bra!

  4. Oh my gosh, I totally relate with everything you are saying! I don't buy myself new clothes, besides the occasional sweater or shirt from Walmart, because every extra dime I have I want to spend on adding to my craft stash!

  5. Okay - I so understand your disappointment regarding the big brown truck!!! When my Imagine was due for delivery I had stopped by the grocery store to pick up milk ect. (just the essentials cuz i wanted to get home). Well as i am in the parking lot i noticed the big brown truck driving by the grocery store - I paniced and told my son that i would be back (please note he is 19 y/o) and i promptly drove off - leaving him with the groceries! I followed that UPS truck for about 6 blocks! He pulled into a driveway and I pulled up behind him and asked him if he was delivering to the rural routes - he stated no he was the city driver only!!!! Much to my dismay I had to turn around and go retrieve my son from the parking lot and head home. Thank goodness - the rural route UPS truck pulled into my driveway right behind me. He was laughing so hard too - guess the City driver radioed the Rural route driver that there was this crazy lady looking for a package from Provocraft!!!!

  6. I can sooo relate! I told me postal worker that I was expecting a package and told her it shouldn't be left in the mailbox because it was snowing. I'm sure she thinks I am crazy.

    I have trouble buying $1.50 Studio G stamps without a coupon at Michaels.

    I just drove (yesterday) all the way across town just to see what carts were being cleared out at Wal-Mart only to race home before my kids got home from school. I drove up to the house with seconds to spare - sweating and heart racing.

  7. I have no desire for a cartridge until I see other post about their good deals. Then I am required to bid incessantly on Ebay until I get a similar or better deal. Then I get that cartridge and think "hmmm. what to do now."
    I'm a new follower!
    --Amanda (

  8. I so understand your need for new stuff.. I will not even go into details on what i have spent in the last (literally) 2 months on craft stuff. I have boughten 20 carts since nov. 26th, 2010. Yes 20!!! I am addicted. I buy new carts and paper every week. I pay the bills, then spend every last penny left over on crafts. seriously every last penny. HAHAHA I earned it right??? My crafting friend has put me on strict lock down!! :( She says I have gone off the deep end!! LOL I am already planning on what i am buying when i get my next paycheck in 2 days!! Yay for more crafting supplies. (Dont tell my crafting buddy) hahaha

  9. Well, I've never followed the brown truck but love consistently checking tracking information when I have a package en route. Then, of course, is the mad dash home once it arrives!!! Just did this yesterday for an ATC adhesive gun....such a small thing but so excited to get it!!!!!!

  10. Yesterday I knew that a new Cricut cartridge would arrive in the mail and so I couldn't wait to get home after work. I had a meeting scheduled with someone who could turn out to be my mentor for a career that I'm working toward. I called and cancelled the meeting because I couldn't wait to get home and play with my new toy! BTW, I'm a new follower now.

  11. I have absolutely no problem driving 30 miles to check 3 Michaels for the latest item on sale, but it's an effort to go to Costco 3 blocks away!

  12. My husband will tell you that I do not buy anything without my 40 or 50% off coupons. I will go to J's, M's and A.C Moore and print out all of their coupons. I have all 3 stores on Bald Hill Road in Warwick,RI within 3 miles of each other. I work in Providence and live 36 miles on CT border so I swing up Bald Hill Road. I am armed with my coupons. I go in and buy 1 item, go to car, go back in and buy 1 item at a different register usually using 3 coupons at each store. I don't care if it's a $5 item I use a coupon. I have actually used a coupon on a piece of $1.99 glitter paper. I wait until my husband is asleep and I carry all the bags down and oogle them while putting them all away. (not that he would really care because he smokes cig and that is $7.80 a day!!)

    Ok, but my worst problem right now is sleep buying on Ebay and I am not lying. I will set "watch auction" and they ding and wake me up and I have actually won an auction and not remembered until I get the email in the am you have won Snapshot Nature from Proud Parents for $10.50. THANK GOODNESS I am still a sleep bargain shopper!! I have 3 auctions set to ding around 3 am this morning...curious to see what happens tonight.


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