Monday, January 10, 2011

Manic Monday

I was going to go with 'Soapbox Saturday' over the weekend and 'Music Monday' today but 'Manic Monday' pretty much encompasses everything. Let's go in order!

Saturday brought tremendous sadness. My children were watching Saturday morning shows when George Stephenopoulos interrupted with a message for the children to 'get an adult' so that he could inform us of the breaking news in Arizona. It's moments I know I'm quite patriotic, as my heart hurts for our great nation. My thoughts and prayers continue to be with each victim and their loved ones in this time of tragedy and recovery. My heart also goes out to the gunman himself, but in a different way. May God reach him in the hate of his heart and touch him in his madness. May his family find some sort of peace and refuge as well, as he is brought to the highest form of justice we have. I could go on and on about the senselessness of such things, but we all know it. It is unfortunate that we tend to only come together in moments such as these, however there's strength in numbers and we will continue to support and defend our freedom here in this UNITED States of America.

Sunday could have been 'Sunday Score' though it WOULDN'T have been because my Chiefs did well in the Playoffs! I 'scored' Sunday at my friend Amy D's house. We decided we'd trade some creative things and she made just about everything available to me! This is my stash...

I collect Pinecone Press books and picked up several. I also added 4 great new Close To My Heart stamp sets as well as a high-heel shoe set from Hero Arts. I added a Quick Kutz embossing folder and my favorite score....Stampin' Up stamps! Amy D sells SU, as well as my BFF Amy M. And although I felt I was cheating on her a bit, I snagged FABULOUS sets, including the 'Spinner' set just released for January 1st and a few roller wheels too! WOO HOO!!!! Thank you Amy, I look forward to having you over to go through my stuff (again)!
As I said, today could have been 'Music Monday' as I blog while listening to my new "Train- Save Me, San Francisco" cd. LOVE IT! They've had some great tracks released lately and after I heard 'Marry Me'- I knew I had to own it. In addition to 'Marry Me' and 'Hey Soul Sister,' I also really like 'Parachute' and 'Breakfast in Bed.' Great music=Great Mood. I love that music marks time and takes you places. Thank you Lord-for my ability to hear and experience the amazing talent available!
I hope your week is getting started in a STELLAR way today! I'm hoping to get some creating done for a private class I teach this Thursday evening. Blessings to you and thanks, for sharing in a bit of my life today!

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