Wednesday, January 5, 2011


2010 seemed to just FLY by! It was an amazing year filled with hope, tragedy, fun and sadness but most of all, BLESSINGS!

*JANUARY*Our baby boy, Eli was born prematurely on January 15th. Removing the tumor that had grown along beside him almost cost me my life. We are both doing well now preparing for his 1st Birthday with an appropriate theme of 'CELEBRATING LIFE!"

~Eli came home from the NICU the night before my mom arrived. This shows he and Gram in early February.

*FEBRUARY* We spent most of this month with our mothers here. Eli was our "love child" due on Valentine's Day. It all passed with a blur as I recovered.

*MARCH* This was a difficult month with several hurdles thrown our way. It brought tragedy, but mostly sadness when our beloved Macaw Gracie passed away from illness.

~Jace turned 9 and my aunt Duone came down with my delightful cousins, bringing back the joy!

*APRIL* We loaded all 4 kids up to Baptize Eli in Kansas over the Easter Holiday (and I can't find a photo on here)! He was the best behaved of the 4! ;) ~Aubrey turned 6.
*MAY* Jace started tackle football! ~I started working part-time at Scraps Galore in Albuquerque.

*JUNE* ~I met Patsy Gaut of Quick Quotes who invited me to do some (re)designing for them! I am still in awe and run to the FedEx guy each month! (This is a picture of the book the won her over ;)

~My sisters all came down for my birthday! It was the first time for all of us to be here, and my baby sister's first time here ever! ~Mom surprised us and flew in from Washington! WHIRLWIND of a great time making memories!

~I joined the Cricut Circle as a Premiere Charter VIP member and have LOVED every minute.
*JULY* The holiday was celebrated here at our house! ~My business, Flair and Frills, gave massage and pedicure services to participants at the 'Good Fortune' re-treats in Chama, NM from Heart to Heart Scrapbooking. ~I entered a card into a contest through Bazzill and Provo Craft to win a trip to the life-changing event of Creative Escape. I WON!
*AUGUST* I was forever changed and forever grateful to take my friend Elizabeth with me to Arizona for Bazzill and Heidi Swapp's CREATIVE ESCAPE! I have always wanted to go and never dreamed it would be all expenses paid!
~I met "Mr. Bazzill" aka Doug. He and his family and team are just AMAZING. We took lots of photos talked about 2011.

~THE ONE AND ONLY-HEIDI SWAPP! It was on my bucket list to meet her. CHECK! Oh-and she's just as darling to talk to as she is to look at!

~The first time I even HEARD OF MARGIE ROMNEY-ASLETT and now I'm proud and humbled to call her my friend. She is STELLAR and quickly went to the top of my 'favorite scrapbook designers' list. She oozes creativity and style and is funny to boot!

~Shannon from PC! Just delightful and such a fireball! She co-ordinated and made everything possible. We are now working together again a bit for Flair and Frills to provide services at PC events.

~TERESA COLLINS! Since I adore her SO much, I even made her one of the purse gits I had for the other gals! She is so gracious and kind. I like her EVEN MORE now that we've met and talked. I am honored to call her a friend.

~Janna B. from PC, aka QUEEN B! We were instantly friends. She shines from the inside out and is just such a pleasure!

~I've had my eye on these 2 for years now and followed them with Heidi. RHONNA FARRER and JANET HOPKINS! They are so down-to-earth and F-U-N! They even let me sit and create with them for awhile. What a delight!

*SEPTEMBER* Mom cam back for a bit. I always LOVE her visits!

We had a family trip planned to Colorado over Labor Day weekend to camp. Eli got sick so Chris took the 3 oldest. They had a blast and took photos to share it with us. Eli and I can't wait til this year!

*OCTOBER* FABULOUS! I met AMAZING women (that will be life long friends) when I had the opportunity to go to the first Provo Craft Cricut Circle swarm in Salt Lake City Utah. I brought along one of my best friends, Altaira. It was just fantastic and I anxiously look forward to more events with them in 2011!

I held my first ever Cricut Swarm on October 30th with a Halloween theme. It was very successful and the ladies were great. I can't wait for more swarms this year.

~I met my friend soul mate, Amy this month. We were set up on a 'blind date' if you will from my good friend Jessica. We met at Scraps and immediately became BFF's! LOVE her!
*NOVEMBER* I took all 4 kiddos by myself to Pueblo Colorado for Thanksgiving with my aunt and cousins. It was INCREDIBLE (where are my pictures?).
*DECEMBER* I love the holiday season! ~Hollan turned 5. ~I started offering classes and teaching at Hobby Lobby. ~We planned a SURPRISE trip to Kansas to be with our family. I miss my sisters SO much, and mom came from Washington too! We even found a true Santa Claus to shop up Christmas Eve! It was, dare I say, the BEST CHRISTMAS YET!

~I surprised Chris (when he joined us from working in Oklahoma City) on New Year's Eve with a minister there to renew our vows! It was incredible to look in his eyes and re-commit my love and devotion!

God had graced us with abundant memories and it is with great anticipation that I begin this wonderful new year of 2011! ~Thank you for sharing in my story! I look forward to many memories with YOU here. ;)


  1. Thanks for sharing your year! What a down and up year you had. I am thrilled it has all worked out and hope only the best for 2011 for you and your family.


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  5. I am sorry I missed the vows. I totally forgot. I'm human and will ALWAYS be. Actually I never knew it was confirmed.

  6. Lots of love and peace for you and your family.


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