Sunday, November 7, 2010

I'm in a boutique!

My friend Tiffany just opened a boutique and scrapbook store in Los Alamos called The Crop Around he Corner. She asked if I would like to have some of my creations displayed there for purchase and I couldn't refuse!

These are FABULOUS ribbon bracelets I created with my dear friend Amy. They areso girly and fun-tie them around your wrist and you're done!

I also sent this basket of my accessories. They have clip AND pin backs to adorn your hair, blouse, purse, shoes and MORE! I have some of them newly listed in my Etsy store as well! I am SO jazzed about it all. If you're in New Mexico or passing through, please treat yourself to a visit at The Crop Around the Corner shop!

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  1. These are beautiful Brynn! Need to start creating some of these lovely things myself!

    Blessings, Jenny Kozar


I am honored to hear your words. Thank you friend!