Saturday, September 4, 2010

Where Do I Begin?!

Oh ladies, I have MISSED YOU so much and thought of you even more! You're loyal to me, and yet I have lapsed in my loyalty to YOU! I'm really so very sorry. I won't give you my excuses (there's a laundry list) I'll just give you myself. Thanks you so much for remaining here with me, even in my unexcused absence. That absence has been filled with a variety of amazing things. Some of them I can share with you immediately and some of them will be revealed over the coming year! ALL are a testimony to this delightful creative journey you're sharing with me. Here are a few things: I don't want to inundate you upon my return ;)

This is my August Quick Quotes class we held at Scraps Galore. It turned out even more darling than I had imagined. It sold out too! A few of those ladies have been waiting on these pictures. THANK YOU for joining me. I am just thrilled to instruct you each month

This is the front. Look at that adorable little drink ;)

Pages 1 & 2.

Pages 3 &4.

Pages 5 & 6. Also, the last. I loved the detail, but underestimated construction time. You know I couldn't sacrifice the details!

SURPRISE! My precious creative mother sent these burp cloths for me that she made! Isn't that owl just too much?! LOVE them!

And-this was my sitting room just 2 days ago upon returning from Creative Escape! I have so many photos and amazing details to share. It was U-N-B-E-L-I-E-V-A-B-L-E! Really. WOW! That was a LIFE-CHANGING opportunity and I am SO VERY GRATEFUL to have had the chance I did.

I have since cleaned up and put up. LOL It was a creative whirlwind. UNBELIEVABLE! Did I already say that? I'll see you back here again soon for more.


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