Monday, July 5, 2010

NEW Cricut Cartridges for August! See them here first!

WOW! Provo Craft is releasing yet FOUR MORE new cartridges to be available in August. Thanks to a little research and Samantha Strachan, I have found images for each of them. Right now-they're the best pictures available. They are all FULL style cartridges with 6 features. They are image cartridges, however 3 of them also include fonts! I love it when they do that! LOL Without further debut.....

Country Life: Sweet home, back woods country delight! This cartridge includes a font feature, as well as phrases and a BANNER feature! Given that I am a mid-west girl, I'll definitely enjoy this one!

Rock Princess: TWO fonts ( a SKULL font (yes Jessica, a SKULL font) and a heart font), even a pirate cupcake! This one is teenage style super cute! I love the little cherries ;)

Winter Frolic: Full of Winter fun! A border feature and phrases to co-ordinate with all of the snowy goodness.

Happy Hauntings: the THIRD Halloween cartridge (fourth if you count Mini Monsters) released this year! We wont have an excuse this fall! LOL This one includes a spooky font as well as 3-D objects and phrases!

Be sure that you're a follower to receive all of the latest information! I'll (of course) keep you updated as it becomes available! I hope that you had a safe and enjoyable Independence Day celebration. Creative blessings ~Brynn


  1. I am squealing with delight right now! I am a country girl too and I have been working on family scrapbooks, but there are no good country shapes! Now there is!!! I am so excited! Thanks to you and Samantha! You two rock and I love both your blogs!

  2. Awesome carts!! Thanks for sharing

  3. OMG!!! I LOVE THEM ALL!!! Thanks so much for sharing. Sorry to hear about your run-in with the law! LOL! (darn PC Police!) ROFL!

  4. OH SHAME ON YOU!!! I thought you were a crafter, not an enabler.....CUTE CARTS!!!! LOL

  5. Thank you, Thank you. OMG I must have country Life.

  6. Country Life is soooo cute! Thanks for this great preview!

  7. I am now a follower. I want each one of these darling carts....

  8. TFS this info...not spending any more money for a while to save for these!!


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