Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cricut Circle Part 2 - The Specifics

For those of you who want more specifics on the Cricut Circle program, the details are copied and pasted here directly from an e-mail received from Provo Craft. I hope all of your questions are answer and you're establishng your payment mehod for this fun newgroup! ;) * I do not curenty work for OR with P.C. I just happen to REALLY, REALLY love them! (and LOOK at this awesome cartridge that you'll get right away!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why didn’t I receive an invitation? You may have received an invitation! Please check your junk mailbox. When Provo Craft sends out an email with a large distribution list, there are instances when the email never reaches the intended recipient. The invitation to join the CRICUT CIRCLE™ was sent from email addresses in the CRICUT® Rewards database. Please verify that Cricut Rewards has your accurate email and update if necessary. Many of the emails have not yet reached their intended recipients. Please keep a look out for yours!
2. Why didn’t everyone get an invitation? Invitations to registered Cricut Rewards users are still forthcoming. The Cricut Circle will continue to grow and become successful based on you, the members. We know many are champions of the Provo Craft product and we appreciate you! Provo Craft’s intention was never to exclude people—simply to invite people to the party in an organized fashion! Many of the emails have not yet reached the Cricut Rewards members. Additional invitations are forthcoming this week. Again, we apologize for any hurt feelings. Our intent is to invite people we know are Cricut fans.
3. Why haven’t my 800 Cricut Reward Points been posted to my Cricut Rewards Account? It can take up to 24 hours for the Cricut Rewards Points to be available for redemption. Please attempt to redeem your points with the supplied code 24 hours after joining. Contact if you have issues with your points.
4. Do I have to pay for the four additional cartridges? No! The cartridges are part of the Cricut Circle membership fee. Shipping for the cartridges is included in the membership fee.
5. Why isn’t The Cricut Circle Free? Many of the amazing things we have planned for the Cricut Circle will cost money for Provo Craft to develop and finance. This is the reason that we are asking for a membership fee. Provo Craft feels that any membership fee needs to show value. Provo Craft believes that Cricut Circle members will see the value of membership and that the value will far outweigh the associated fees. This is strictly a voluntary club. Many have already joined and are looking forward to the opportunities that being in the Cricut Circle. If you choose not to accept the invitation we respect your decision. However, we ask that you respect those who have chosen to participate in the Cricut Circle.
6. Will there be a special price for renewal in 2011? Charter members of the Cricut Circle will receive special renewal pricing for their 2011 membership fee.
7. Is French Manor a shape or font cartridge? The exclusive Cricut Circle French Manor cartridge is a shape cartridge.
8. Are the cartridges full, seasonal or lite cartridges? All four of the exclusive Cricut Circle cartridges will be full cartridges.
9. Will additional cartridges be available each year? Each quarter an exclusive cartridge will be released. Each year, four new cartridges will be released exclusively for Cricut Circle members. Provo Craft will not make these cartridges available for purchase outside the Cricut Circle.
10. Do the extra rewards points include sale items? Yes. Each Cricut Circle member will receive 2 points for every $1 spent on after their membership is activated.
11. Will additional Cricut Reward items be available? Yes. Many items will be added to the Cricut Rewards program.
12. Does the 10% off include sale items? Yes. Every Cricut Circle member will receive an additional 10% off all regular and sale priced Provo Craft items.
13. How will I receive the Cricut Circle Newsletter? The Cricut Circle Magazine will be sent to the Cricut Circle members in an email format.
14. Are there any swarms, galas and events planned for the Cricut Circle members? Yes. Invitations will be sent out to Cricut Circle members in September for the first Cricut Circle event.
15. May I cancel my membership? Yes, you may cancel your membership, but the membership fee shall not be refundable. For additional details on membership termination please see the Cricut Circle Terms and Conditions.

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